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Who Are You Reaching With Your Organic Reach On Social Media?

Social Media

Organic reach simply won’t do it anymore. Don’t be surprised when you put effort into a project or your brand’s image within the community and even those you think are paying attention don’t notice. Almost everything exists for attention, because attention is revenue. We have access to several ‘free’ platforms for advertising our small businesses using organic advertising. If you rely solely on organic reach on each of these platforms, you will likely only be reaching approximately 10% of your audience. So, should you post more to try to reach more? How is your content? Are you reaching the same roughly 10%? Do you really want to reach your existing audience only, anyway? This again goes back to two prior points I made in this blog post; ‘free’ & attention is revenue. These platforms want to make money on the web traffic they host daily. Honestly, why shouldn’t they? Thankfully, their ads aren’t pop-ups & spam ads. So, the social media giants have a pay-to-play system. It’s relatively cheap, considering the alternatives & it comes with measurable results that can be cross referenced. However, ads on these platforms are designed for professionals. They do run CTAs saying, “Boost this post for $30 and reach 3,000 more people”. Please, don’t! There is so much more to creating an ad than simply pushing, “Create Ad”. This will create a bad feeling towards ads on social media. Also, not every ad works. Use ads as research. If your ad fails, analyze it instead of ignoring the failure. Why didn’t people convert after clicking on the website? What is missing? Have a question about starting an ad on social media? Reach out, I am happy to discuss.

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