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Here are 5 FREE tools to level up your business' digital marketing

Did you hear that? FREE! Of course, a few of the apps offer subscriptions in order to get access to more features. However, the free versions are enough to at least get you started! Let's break it down and see exactly how it can help.

First off, let's talk about Planopoly. This is a simple app, but it can help you stay organized if you're a planner like myself. This app allows you to schedule out your posts on Instagram, including captions and hashtags. It also displays it on a calendar view, so it's easy to see what you're posting and when. You can either pay to get them automatically posted, or just schedule reminders through the app itself. Stories can be scheduled out as well!

Next, Canva. This app can really be used for almost anything, so it's definitely worth it to download it and just browse for a little. It can be used for story templates, post templates, flyers, logos, blog graphics, and SO much more. The cover for this blog post was actually created on there! If there's only one app you download from this blog, make it Canva. Even if you need something as simple as adding your logo to a picture, Canva is your app.

Snapseed is a professional editing app. It is pretty user friendly, so even beginners shouldn't feel intimidated by it. Give yourself some time to look and mess around with its different tools!

Google my business is another essential. We've written a more in depth blog in the past, which I'll link here. However, in short terms, it basically allows you to manage your Google listing! A lot of the times, this is what will show up when someone googles your business, so it's important to keep this up to date.

Next, is the WIX app. If you're already paying for your WIX website, you might as well download the free app! This way, you're instantly notified when you have a new visitor on your site, and you can even send them a message off your website! It also allows you to reply to contact forms quicker, because you are notified right on your phone, instead of via email.

Lastly, Creator studio. This one is similar to Planopoly, but it's actually made by Facebook. It simply allows you to create and schedule out posts for multiple pages! This one is not as user friendly as Planopoly, but once you get the hang of it, it's a great tool!

We know that this might feel like a lot of information. Need help with all things digital marketing? Contact CIL today!


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