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Will your business fit in a speedo?

You might be wondering, where could you possibly be going with that question? However I promise it’ll make sense in the end.

Speedo is a great example of a company going above and beyond to grow their brand. You can see that they don’t feel limited to writing about just swim gear. Instead, they focus their content on relevant topics to drive traffic and utilize SEO.

For example, skim through this blog post. Instead of writing about why their swimsuits are better than any other, they focused on what events were going on in the world around them. At this time, it was the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Not only did they connect this back to their brand, since the event they’re writing about is swimming, but they also referenced how they were involved. In their graphic, they presented 2 of their ambassadors who broke Olympic records.

This presents itself as a great teaching moment for anyone and everyone looking into their own marketing. It’s important to not only relate to your audience, but also to recognize complimentary business opportunities. This means, if you sell bathing suits, do something that drives swimmers to your brand, not just building a store and waiting for them to come to you.


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