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Be A Sellout! Your Small Business Should Get That Tech.

CIL Digital Marketing Blog Post

Technology! Alright, let’s keep with the ‘back-to-school’ theme here and define the word like it’s a presentation. “The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry”. CIL Digital Marketing, (Cape it Local) honestly believes that technology is going to keep local businesses running longer, not be the result of their demise. I don’t know why local businesses bash technology, instead of embracing it. Like it or not, technology has reached Cape Cod. Consumers enjoy convenience. Embrace it. I called two businesses yesterday to inquire about a service. One company was pleasant, efficient and able to use Google Maps’ images to measure my yard and give me a quote over the phone. The other, well they were grumpy, short and … let’s just say this local company didn’t embrace technology so much. If a consumer feels inconvenienced calling for a service, no thanks! Perhaps that gentleman was grumpy because he had been driving all over Cape Cod giving high price quotes and wasting his day without making any sales. When he could have been measuring yards in the air-conditioning of his office taking payments over the phone. I think, local businesses hear technology and think the worst. That their quaint vision of Cape Cod is going away. ‘Main St.’ is closing and ‘The way it was’ is going away. If this younger generation doesn’t want to exchange their weekend for $12/Hr. can you really blame them? Who raised this generation anyway? Minimum-wage employees are never going to care about your business the way you do. Ask a simple question about saving time, which saves your business operating costs. This can be passed onto your customers. A convenient experience for your consumers likely equals more consumers. Everyone is competing for the attention of those that are spending money. Be more efficient, be more convenient, be more profitable. I hope you read this article with a semi-sarcastic & light-hearted tone. There are ways every business can run more efficiently. We can all improve. We want to help you shine and find those ways to improve. We are a digital marketing company that embraces technology. If this appeals to you, let’s connect!

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