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Hey Siri, Can My Business Be Steady All Year?

Digital Marketing

Now that “Summer” is over; school busses are occupying local roads (not so many CT & NY plates) and pumpkins are on our minds, how is your businesses looking? Does your local business have a strategy for year-round success? If you were planning on the tourism industry, were they able to find you? We really hope the answers are yes; because starting today, some businesses are concerned about slowing down for the offseason. Although, I highly doubt they will be taking the time to read this blog, it is topical. CIL Digital Marketing is only focused on a small pocket of companies that are concerned with success. So much so, we write these articles each day as a form of passive advertising, to boost our SEO for that one day that they come looking for us. For us, it is all about content in the long-term. All about having content across multiple platforms, in multiple forms. We pride ourselves in having original content, created within our own minds for each of our clients. The changing of the calendar doesn’t mean much to us, except an internal joke about how early pumpkin advertising should start. What is changing for your business today? How did you feel about seeing the red lines on the maps yesterday heading “off Cape”? If your gut was sinking, because locals and those tourists couldn’t find you online this summer, we need to talk about a long-term plan, that needs to start now. These changes need to take effect today, not in the spring. The Internet won’t reward you immediately. You have an opportunity to be the local business that jumps at the opportunity to answer the question asked to Siri or Alexa. You have an opportunity to show up on Google Maps and Waze. If I were you, I would do it.

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