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Why do I need to advertise on multiple channels?

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

We all know that ads are virtually everywhere: search pages, Youtube, apps, Gmail, and so much more. So how are you, a business owner, supposed to decide where you should display your advertisements? Which channel is right for you and the message you want to get across? The right answer is multiple channels that allow for similar objectives, and let me explain why.

First, let’s get to know the concept of effective frequency. This refers to the amount of times that someone needs to be exposed to your advertisement before they actually respond to it.

Take yourself for example. If you’re scrolling through instagram and see an advertisement for a small shop, you might take a quick look then move on. What if later on, you’re watching a youtube video, and you come across the same business? You might recall that you’ve seen it before and be more interested to discover what the brand actually is.

Basically, this shows you, as the one running the advertisements, that it takes more than just one exposure to get the conversions that you’re looking for from potential customers. This is why using multiple channels is more effective than just using one. You are able to reach more people in the same amount of time, which will allow you to reach effective frequency faster!

Next, it's also important to introduce a/b testing. In simple terms, this is a way to run 2 similar ads, in order to be able to see which does better. This is an important tool, because it allows you to see which product description, picture, time period, etc, performs best for your ad.

Now, you might be asking how am I supposed to know which ads to run through which channels? You don’t have to know! A lot of it comes from trial and error, evaluating the metrics to see where your ad is doing best, experience, and knowledge about how it all works. That’s where CIL comes into place. Contact us today to allow us to help you reach your marketing objectives effectively!


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