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Calling all seasonal business!!!

While your business may be seasonal, your advertising should not be. It's easy to just unplug after a successful season, and neglect your advertising until the following year. However, this may be hurting you, and let me explain why.

Sure, there are some people who live close enough to your destination that can just plan a day trip on a whim. But those customers who come back every year are key. They are the ones who can become loyal to your business for years to come. Also, they are the ones who will bring their family members, friends, etc. to share their love for your product/service!

With this in mind, it's important to note that your advertising should not stop. Although many people are most likely finalizing details of their trips now, they've probably been looking into it for a few months now. Even if they haven't been directly researching, they've been savings posts of places they'd like to try, and even screenshooting ads of business they want to visit.

In order to stay relevant when people are searching for your industry at your destination, it's important to continue to be consistent all year long. Don't become dormant on your social media page, because your growth may decrease. Don't stop all advertising until the spring time, because those potential customers that you're targeting may have already booked with someone else.

Consistency AND quality are key to success in the online world. This simply means continue to post quality content regularly, to result in organic growth. To start the next season with even more followers next year, you have to stay present. While followers are just a number, it's also a number of people that are actively interested in your business. Keep them engaged! Not sure what you should be posting during the off season? Fill out CIL's contact form to learn more!


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