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Want to Understand Remarketing in Less than 1 Minute? Check Out These Screenshots!

Ads like this allow our clients to target specific consumers, that have previously engaged with their business. This ad is using the marketing practice of remarketing. The tactic uses a piece of code referred to, in this case, as a pixel that we installed on their website. The audience, which we built and developed over the last year of working with them, is specifically targeting visitors over the last 60 days. From here, we will be able to further refine our remarketing efforts to target visitors to specific pages of the website. These types of ads allow local businesses to reach & engage with potential consumers that have considered purchasing with their business. Statistics show that a business NEEDS to make 5-7 impressions for a consideration to turn into a conversion. Facebook, Instagram & Google offer 3 main categories of advertising; awareness, consideration & conversion. This remarketing ad falls under the consideration category as it is looking to drive website traffic and engagement with a built-in ‘instant experience’.

Also, a key difference with this ad is that the frequency of exposure will be higher as it is targeting a smaller audience & engagement is likely to be higher as those targeted are already familiar with the brand. It takes work to accomplish remarketing, it is worth the effort.


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