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3 Types of Social Media Content

When it comes to business social media accounts, one mistake that a lot of pages do is make all of their content promotional. This simply means that the page is basically just an advertisement for their product/service. While this may seem like that's what you're "supposed" to do, it won't actually make your account successful. Most of your followers who are scrolling through Instagram aren't doing so to purchase something, but for entertainment. Therefore, there are 3 key types of content that you should utilize in order to organically grow your page.

1st off, let's talk about educational content. This is exactly what it sounds, content used to teach. All of the types are rather broad, so there's room to make it in your own. Make sure to mix in educational content, whether it's tips, hacks, did you knows, etc. Have fun with it! Share educational content that's relative to your life, your industry, your niche, and even your specific product/service. This will allow others to not only gain something from your page, but also encourage them to share/like/save/comment, which will help boost your engagement!

2nd, like we mentioned above, pure entertainment! Who wants to be all business all the time? If you come across a funny meme regarding your industry it, this is your chance to share it! It doesn't have to be specific to your industry, it can also be relatable or even the polar opposite. If it makes you smile or laugh, chances are it will do the same to others.

Lastly, motivational content. Often times we are motivated to do something when we're not even looking for it. Are you deep cleaning your office one day? Share a before and after! Going for a run for the first time in years? Make an Instagram story about it! Let others join in on your different journeys to gain motivation to do the same, or even to support you through it! Like we mentioned in our Instagram post, this is an opportunity to share your origin story. Make sure to share your hardships & conclude with where you are today, to gain more support in your brand as well as influence others to do something that they dream of doing.

Need more help with an Instagram content strategy? Contact CIL for more insight on what to do post on your business page!


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