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'Threat Level Midnight', Situation Brand Awareness!

Sticking with the theme of ‘brand awareness’, how are you getting clicks and eyes? This is everything that works for clicks, eyes, views & monetization. It only works if you have an established brand. This video is released to an overwhelming demand, with nearly 4 million views in less than a week. The video is from an episode in 2011. Honestly, I am a bit surprised the views aren’t higher, but that goes to show how competitive content is. I understand that you don’t have a brand as powerful as “The Office” & if you did, you’re probably not reading my blog. However, the only reason you’re watching, “Threat Level Midnight” is because their brand is so well established. Brand is so key. Brand now must begin with brand awareness advertising. Organic reach is hard to come by, with respect to managing your time. Your competition is spending significant money each month to advertise and grow their brand, why aren’t you? Are you diversifying your brand awareness across multiple platforms? I am here to help.



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