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The Most Absurd Ad Ever

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Trumpy Bear is a thing & because of this, anything in advertising is possible. I thought this was a joke, while I was watching it. I kept waiting for Geico to break in with woodchucks, simply unbelievable.

Naturally, my curious mind began to race. This was a TV ad on a popular cable channel around 9pm. This wasn’t cheap and I don’t think I qualify as the target demographic for a “Trumpy Bear”. This ad belonged on Fox News for a Fox & Friends, ultra-right-wing audience or as a skit on SNL (when it was funny). This ad has been running for a few years and with the recent impeachment news it seems they are going all in. The ad currently has 3.5 mil views on YouTube. (They have disabled comments.) This is by far the most absurd ad I have ever seen. As CIL grows; I worry about some of my older content becoming cringeworthy and embarrassing, this makes me feel a lot better now. There is a piece of marketing wisdom that suggests, every company should have a featured ad. I must admit, this certainly stands out as a feature ad. Good luck topping this one.


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