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Mistakes to avoid on your website!

Creating a website can come with lots of trial and error. Whether it’s design updating, finding out what features work best for your business, how often to post on your blog, and so much more. We’re here to share some of our top mistakes to avoid on your website!

#1 is not updating your website frequently. As we all know, especially in the past few years, the world is always changing. Tomorrow can be completely different from yesterday. Therefore, it’s important to actually use your website. One of the biggest turn offs is your website looking outdated, depending on your industry. Something as simple as an aesthetic design, no matter how you choose to execute it, can keep a prospective customer on your page. Along with this, make sure your information is updated regularly. This can be as simple as checking your business hours, contact information, and new offers/products/services. You can also take this one step further by frequently posting on your blog/sharing your social media feed on there. This will show your website users that your business is actively engaged in your own contact, so everything they’re reading is new and up to date.

#2 is not having a data collection like Pixel. Without it, you are throwing useful information out the window. Pixel can introduce vital tools like reaching these customers again through custom audiences, better conversion optimization, and scaling your Facebook ads with lookalike audiences. By simply embedding this code on your website pages, and having a marketing team like CIL, you’ll have all of this information to better target potential customers.

#3 is not using alt text for SEO. This basically means adding titles, descriptions, and alt texts for every single image on your website. By doing so, you’ll be helping boost relevant search reports. Basically, you’re telling google how to describe the image to itself. So when someone googles images of your industry in a specific area, your images will also show up!

#4 is actually using an outdated email. This can cause all of your prospective clients' email to end up in your spam folder, which can end up never being seen, or not seen for awhile!

While this can seem like a lot, there are actually many more common mistakes that can be costing you business. Get in touch with CIL today to get website help.


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