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Event Advertising - The Must Attend Event of the Season.

If you haven’t noticed the decline with Facebook’s organic reach on your business page, you haven’t been paying attention. When the social media giant comes out with a new feature, they tilt their algorithm towards that feature. Facebook, like Google, cares about your experience online so that they can make money from that experience. Both companies want consumers to have value on their platforms & currently, for Facebook, it appears to be in-person events. CIL has been testing the waters with “event” advertising for our clients. While our ‘living’ audiences are performing well & we are getting $0.01 video views with ease, reaching local audiences @ 2.85x over a 3-day period & receiving a RSVPs is extremely valuable. Facebook appears to be pushing this at an exceptional value. CIL highly recommends throwing together an event or jumping on an event with your town. This is a must buy (if you know what you’re doing) for brand awareness & face time with your community.


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