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Do you view remarketing, the act of targeting a consumer identified as ready to take an action because they have visited a specific website or app, as a convenience or an invasion of privacy? Are you annoyed when scrolling through social media or YouTube & finding that website’s ads ‘mysteriously’ there, or are you happy that you now have a 20% off discount code? How about their competition’s ads? Have you ever found a new company because you visited their competitor? Did you know that abandoning a cart is an exceptional way to save money?


Remarketing is an amazing way for you, the consumer to save money & for you, the local business owner to target new customers. The number of local business owners that know how or employ a company like CIL Digital Marketing for this practice is beyond small. This practice isn’t going anywhere, so you should be taking full advantage of it. To get started, contact CIL Digital marketing!


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