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Let Your Blog Flag Fly!

Blogging is a great way to communicate with your audience and drive traffic to your channels.

The question is, why is it written & who is the target audience. Content is moving so quickly & you’re competing for attention everywhere.

The basic rules I follow are:


Consider a title that will speak to your intended audience - 5-7 keywords, has a personalized impact (positive or negative) & is easy to read.

Is the content worth ‘clicking on’?

Time is the most valuable resource for everyone. Therefore, value from your blog is important.

Writing for the sake of writing will not get results. Don’t be lazy, conduct research and have a plan.

Is the content topical & relevant?

Feel free to go outside of your specialty occasionally. Show your personality, except for politics. No one wants to hear who you’re voting for.

What is the purpose of your blog?

If the blog's purpose is to lead the reader to a specific action, make sure the action is clear & a destination URL is included. Are you able to measure your blog’s success? There are several types of analytics available to assist. Just ask us if you need help finding ways to measure traffic.

Am I relating to the intended audience?

generating a weekly blog is an exceptional way to expand your network, reach & allow people to understand that you’re approachable. Allow your professional personality to come through in the blog. This will lead to your blog creating organic referrals in the future.

1500 characters equals a 1-2 minute read. Use plain language, at least one image & provide opinions where available to generate engagement. I encourage roughly 1500 characters as a target length, because of how limited attention spans are. Include a link to another section on your website if you’re discussing it. Add a personalized image to generate more engagement & expand organic following.

Happy Blogging!


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