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How to Create Professional Ads for Free

Ads are everywhere. Companies are trying to figure out how to capture the consumer’s attention. For good reason. Consumers are absolutely spending money. Most ads do not have the immediate goal of capturing your hard-earned dollars. Instead, they fall under the category of awareness or consideration – if used properly. There are 3 main categories for social media ads; awareness, consideration & conversion. These must be understood for anyone considering giving money to a company like Facebook. Simply clicking on the link that says “Your post can reach 1k more for $25” is likely wasting your money.

Awareness includes the two subcategories, Brand Awareness & Reach. These two are so boring because it’s just showing your brand to people. Brands are never successful just by having a successful & sought-after logo. Assume every consumer needs to see your brand 5-7x before they make a purchase.

Consideration includes; traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation & messages. This is a heavy category with a lot of different options. Traffic and engagement are common ad formats here with goals of page-likes and landing pages visits. This category also includes video views which is a very powerful tool for small businesses.

Conversion are for advanced advertisers only & you better have established audiences. Remarketing is also encouraged, so you will need at least 1,000 website visitors within the last 180 days. You should also have high-quality content for your creative. Unless your brand is rare and just pops & in that case, good for you.

Bonus tips:

· Create a pixel

· Have an instant experience

· Create custom Audiences & Lookalikes (Blog to follow soon for Special Ad Categories)

· Understand Campaigns > Ad Sets > Ads

I understand most small businesses can’t afford someone like me, or don’t see the value in it. However, I still believe in helping small business owners grow & educating those that want to learn. If you find this information helpful, please share the link.


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