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5 ways to improve your business' social media game NOW!

This isn't going to be one of those "do this and you'll gain 10k followers!" Because let's be honest, organic growth is what counts. This comes from people following you because they are genuinely interested in what you're posting about. These are the types of followers that translate to conversions, not the ones that you buy because you fell for an ad.

First, we need to touch on what exactly your content is. While promoting your product/service is important, you don't want that to be all that you post. No one wants to follow an instagram that's purely an advertisement. Make sure to incorporate different kinds of posts; like educational, inspirational, entertainment, and even personal posts!

Next, going off of the first tip, don't forget to connect with your followers. Remember, these followers are people who are supporting you, in one way or another. Responding to their comments and direct messages are easy ways to let them know that there's a person behind the Instagram. Another good way to connect is showing your face. Post pictures of yourself, your dogs, your kids, and whatever else interests you. This kind of connection can turn into brand loyalty!

Thirdly, consistency is key, but so is quality! Most people will tell you to just post as much as possible and remain consistent. While this can be good, don't sacrifice quality in order to do so. Have a strategy, be creative, and most of all, have fun with it!

Also, use CTA's! Call to action means just that. Let your follower know what you want them to do after they see your post. Ex: "Comment down below, click the link in our bio, etc."

Finally, engage, engage, engage. Like others posts, follow them back, comment on things you find cute/interesting! You don't ever want to be a ghost account, or they'll do the same to you. If someone comments, reply back to them as soon as you see it. They will be more likely to comment again, which only boosts your engagement!

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