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Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads

When choosing what platform to use for your business’ advertising, how do you decide between Google or Facebook? First things first, don’t view them as competitors, but complementary to each other. Each platform has its own pros and cons, but can go hand in hand when implemented correctly. Let’s find out how…

Google Ads

Let’s start off with Google Ads. As the name suggests, these ads are located on Google. However, depending on which type of ad you choose to go with, display vs. search, they can also also appear on all other google owned/partnered websites, like Youtube, gmail, apps, etc.

Google Search Ads uses keywords to find potential customers when they are searching for similar products or services. These keywords can be broad like “rain jacket” to narrow like “little kids rain jacket on sale.” This feature aids you in finding the customers who are interested in the products or services that you are trying to sell.

Google Display Ads can be shown on the side of Google search pages, different websites, next to your Youtube videos, on your email apps, and so on. They are shown to the right people, at the right time, and with the right message based on Google’s algorithm.

Facebook Ads

On the other hand, Facebook Ads are located on their different social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp.

This type of ad appears on potential customers' news feed, as they’re scrolling through their social media. Therefore, this ad type allows potential customers to find you, vs. you finding customers with google keywords. Facebook uses their own data to place your ads on users’ feeds that may be interested in your business.

So, which one is better?

The right answer is neither. Each one is better than the other, based on your own marketing goal. With google, their search ads have more of an intent to sell, whereas Facebook has more of an intent to gain awareness. Now, you might be thinking that Google is better because it results in more action. Let’s remember, potential customers are more likely to click on the Google ads of businesses they’ve already heard of, which is where Facebook can come into play. By running your campaigns on both, you’re able to build awareness on your business while translating that over to actual conversions, to truly get the best of both worlds! Need help getting started? Contact CIL today!

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