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Local SEO Is SEO Easy!

Digital Marketing Cape Cod

Local SEO is what Cape It Local does best. We have a strategy that is guaranteed to make you stand out. Everything plays together to boost your company’s digital profile. It doesn’t matter what gets likes, it matters what pays your business. We write these blogs for Cape it Local Digital Marketing, knowing they won’t generate daily discussions on our website or social media. However, we know the words we are using in them are going towards our Google Search Engine Optimization for digital marketing on Cape Cod and website design. (see what I did there) We will then publish it across every platform, not just the platforms we enjoy. On Cape Cod, Google is the most ignored platform for the ‘ultra’-small businesses. We aren’t sure why, other than business owner simply don’t know how to access the platform. It honestly isn’t the easiest to navigate and there also isn’t an instant gratification associated with Google Business Directory. When it comes to customers finding your business, Google is still the number one search engine & website for consumers. Cape Cod is no exception, no matter how many times life-long locals say, “Cape Cod is different”. Google, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn simply don’t favor Cape Cod. I mean, they do have the entire world to care about. These sites exist to make money; they make money based on web traffic & Cape Cod has minimal traffic compared to larger areas. Hey, this is great news! If there is low traffic in our region, then there shouldn’t be much competition with local SEO. Do you want to dominate a category? It won’t happen overnight, but there is a good chance you won’t have a ton of competition. At least half of the consumers are visiting your place of business are visiting your business based on searches they started on their mobile device. (Some of our client’s Google Analytics show up to 75%) Will they find you, or will they find your competition? How do you improve your Google Maps rankings for Cape Cod? Visit and find the phrase you want to win. Make sure this phrase is on every-single thing you post and placed on the ‘alt-text’ within your website. Essentially, this will tell Google who you are. Local SEO requires continual communication with Google. You will be in competition with Google Ads and national companies for search results, but you will largely only be in competition with local businesses on Google Maps. Local SEO is huge for your company. Do not ignore Google. If you need help and want to win, Cape It Local is here to help.

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