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Content - You're One Click Away!

Content Marketing and Digital Marketing

Sometimes when we think about marketing, it can feel like a mountain of tasks we just don’t have time for, as business owners. One thing we have noticed as a company, and as creators, is that quality engagement, leads and growth are usually just one click away. One piece of content away. Reaching your audience in a way that is meaningful and generates conversations, clicks and revenue is typically just one piece of good content away. And what “good content” is for each business owner looks different, because each of you have a wildly different voice. Some of our clients choose to reach their audiences through writing copy, some through video, some through photography, some through blogging, and some use all of these methods interchangeably-- the one thing that must remain consistent for real engagement that takes your business to the next level is consistency in your voice. Find a voice, tone and message that is true to you as a business owner and true to what you want to accomplish within your business and make sure it is that voice that echoes through every piece of content you release. The more your voice emulates you as a person and what your vision is professionally, the more meaningful engagement you receive. Simple as that. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Don’t try to sound like anyone else in your field who’s on social, or blogging about the same topic-- their followers resonate with their voice, and you don’t want to steal their followers you want to cultivate your own tribe of followers who live to listen to YOUR voice-- those are customers and connections that will stick with you as your business grows and help you build a platform with REAL reach. Don’t be scared to be different. Don’t be scared to be bold. Using your brand and your platforms to deliver your vision is what digital marketing is all about. Part of our job as a marketing firm is to work with our clients, supporting them to find and execute their voice in a way that is true to who they are and what they want to accomplish. After all, it is not US as CIL that came up with their vision, it was them-- we are here to help grow and Help grow and put that vision in front of the right eyes. It’s time to take control, be bold and put your vision out there. One click, one piece of content, one blog, one photo at a time.

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