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Enough With The Pressure, Run Your Business!

Cape Cod Digital Marketing

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves as small business owners? There is a double standard that ‘established’ businesses can make mistakes and that they have more control over the terms of the environment. I am not talking about how our customers & clients see our business, instead the double standard that we are putting on our own businesses. Maybe I am alone on this & I would honestly love input from those that read this. I feel there are some unwritten rules that say: the ‘ultra’-small business owners can’t use the same content twice, that we only get one take at a shoot, our sales pitches have to be flawless, we are supposed to sacrifice our profits for the client’s experience. Are ‘we’ putting so much pressure on ourselves that we aren’t focused on the goal of our business? There is enough pressure on our small business already, the failure rate alone should be keeping rational business owners awake.

This traditional mentality could be a safe way to go; however, if that is not your personality stop pretending. We have talents, skills & values that are keeping the ‘doors’ open! My business mentors have no idea who I am, but they inspire me to be comfortable In my skin. I admire their style and approach to business. They come off as genuine and I try to bring that into my business, because I see that this approach has already worked! Sure, this means some people aren’t going to work with Cape It Local and I am certainly ok with that, because we won’t be a good fit. That also means that our clients will really connect with us. Their businesses will become more successful & our business will run more efficiently as a result. I think genuine always plays better than scripted. I’ve never claimed to be a salesperson but have a more than respectable closing rate. I swear, have exposed tattoos & dress in what’s comfortable to me. So much of marketing is brand image & a comfortable, confident business owner is an exceptional brand image. A business owner stumbling, scrambling and compromising constantly is something CIL wants to help change. You should not feel this way!

We give advice, study trends & observe the behavior of business owners daily. This blog is a result of what we’ve noticed. We just want to encourage everyone to be comfortable & confident as a business owner. The tools already exist for you to succeed. The market will tell you if your product is valuable or not. Enjoy the ride!

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