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Understand Videos For Your Business In 15 Seconds.

Videos – I push for them constantly with my clients! They are one of the single most important pieces of content available on social media. Even a 3-second GIF, watched to completion can be extremely beneficial. Do you wonder why bullshit pages exist, pushing trash videos or slide shows? It is to collect data and build audiences for ads. That’s it. They don’t care about the content they push out. CIL could easily crank out “Click-bait”. A misleading image and an attention-grabbing headline that captures your curiosity So much, that you must click on it! Then you’re so pissed off, because Beyoncé really didn’t get sick at that Manhattan restaurant or throw her glass at the chef. You knew it, but if you didn’t click… Anyways. All of that is done, for data, used to build audiences for ads and revenue. Videos, for your small business generate those same powerful audiences. You need to capture the attention of your intended audience for at least 3 seconds, to create a brand awareness campaign. The longer your audience watches, the more focused your audience can become. Then you will be able to create lookalike audiences for each segment. The biggest challenge for ‘small’ business owners, spending money on marketing. Establish a proper line-item for ads & marketing, if you want to compete. You can research how to do all of this on your own & I certainly encourage that! However, consider the opportunity cost.

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