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Check Content Off Your To-Do List.

Cape Cod Digital Marketing

Content. We hear this word a lot, yet many of us can’t identify what it is. Content creation is a massive component of digital marketing and what we do at CIL. Content creation is the process of identifying who you are as a brand and building, designing, implementing video, image and copy that connects you to your online consumers, readers and followers. Often times, we are so consumed by the everyday stresses of running our businesses that content creation falls short on the “to-do” list, but content is what connects you to the customers you haven’t met yet and the customers you want to stay in front of. Many ask us how we can work, type, write in the voice of our clients, and our answer is always the same: we take the time to get to know our clients when we first take them on, learning their brand, their product, their voice, their strategy and this allows us to create content aligned with who they are as a person, a brand and align with what their goals are going forward. Content seems simple from afar, but it isn’t. Content is what grabs the attention, loyalty and interest of your digital followers and clients. Content is about design, intention, voice, brand, impact. Good content always makes an impact whether that be visual, audio, emotional, social-- it will grab the follower in one way or another and solicit a memorable response, drawing them back to your brand, and allowing them to identify who you are and what you do. In the world of digital marketing, content should be the tool you reach to first. If you take your content seriously, so will your clients.

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