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Why Video, At Least For 3 Seconds.

Add Videos to your social media posts to create powerful audiences.

You've heard videos are the way to go & you need to be doing them for your marketing. In a few sentences, let me see if I can summarize it. 1st, someone is likely going to stop scrolling with movement over a still image. That's obvious, right? More importantly, we are able to collect various amounts of data from users who watch your videos. For example, on Facebook the magic number is 3 seconds. From a 3 second view you can create a powerful audience! Think of the videos you have watched for 3 seconds, you’re in some interesting audiences. For the pages & brands that Cape It Local manages we run videos in two ways. Primarily we will make sure they are setup in an auto play. This typically gets the most organic views, then we can analyze the data & expand our audiences for ads. We will also set them into ads or links to drive website clicks, which are monitored through analytics. Also, Don’t be afraid to run your content more than once Who cares if someone see its again. You’re building a brand. Companies run the same campaigns for years, why should you care if Jim has some smart ass comment about you posting that again? #smallbusinessmarketing #local #capecod #businesspage #buildingabrand #clicks #ads #linkedin #creating #marketing hashtag#videoads

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