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Is Your Website A Tool?

Learning the art of remarketing has been one of the most rewarding challenges for Cape It Local, from its creation. Remarketing is a fairly easy process. The challenges and immediate rewards have come from creating the websites, marketing plans and followings that allow the process to take place. There are certain engagement minimums that must take place before remarketing can become effective & an organic hustle is usually required. Our clients are not coming from the VC world, or from established large brands where healthy marketing budgets exist. They do not have the required analytics tools in place required for remarketing & can look concerned when we begin discussing the initial budget and timeframes required around big picture marketing. However, being a localized marketing company, in a small business market, we create custom content that engages their base. This allows them to save on initial ad spend during the engagement process. Once the remarketing audience is built, it grows so quickly their CPA or CPM is well worth the investment and opportunity cost. In a place like Cape Cod, there are certainly opportunities for remarketing to be extremely successful. #marketingcompany #adspend #remarketing #audience #marketing #budgets #websites #smallbusiness #brands #cpm

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