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The difference between running ads and running ads effectively!

A/b testing could be the difference between running ads and running ads effectively. Let me tell you more about this amazing tool that can be found on Google Ads AND Facebook Ads! A/B (or split on Facebook) is essentially creating two ads and comparing how well/poorly each one performs. How exactly does this work?

Whatever platform you decide to use (or both) will randomly split your audience. This way, you know that your results are fair. In each ad you will change one variable, since it is easier to analyze afterwards. The platform will then calculate cost per result, or how much money you are spending in order to get action. The one that costs the least, or has the lower cost per result, wins. After, you are able to take that variable that performs better according to the testing, and apply it to various ad sets in order to optimize your advertising.

You don’t have to stop here! You can continue to run tests, to get more and more particular with what converts into action for your specific ad, instead of running them blindly. This feature helps you understand why your ad isn’t performing as well as you’d like and how to improve it!

A/B testing, like many other features in paid advertising, really is trial and error. Don’t want to go through that yourself? CIL is Google and Facebook certified, so we have the knowledge and experience to optimize your a/b testing to get you the best results! Contact CIL today to get started.


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