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Politics, The Oldest Form of Organized Marketing!

In 1789, George Washington exchanged his personal whiskey for votes at well-connected functions. Future constitutes could leave and brag about being in the ‘Room where it happened’, with the prestigious Washington. In the 18th Century only those that had status would be allowed to run. Once Andrew Jackson emerged, he started a trend that politicians had to begin to raise money. Political campaigns emerged. He was the first to leverage the media using emotion to raise money & win the presidency. Fast-forward to 2019 & we have the almost human Candidate Yang being ushered out of a camera frame after sharing his personal whipped cream with multiple kneeled men. PROGRESS! What a time to be alive. Refusing to let Kamala Harris take the headlines for the day. Candidate Yang, thank you for not allowing Joe Biden’s inexcusable “Leg hair” comments to remain the most popular GIF, we now have a gushing Yang!

The good news, 45 will Tweet soon and you will be off the hook.


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