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Best Super Bowl ad ever?

Time to chat about one of my favorite parts of the superbowl… the advertisements! NBC announced that they actually sold out their Super Bowl ad slots, with some of them costing as much as $7 million. While to us that might seem like an insane amount, it’s worth it for bigger companies. With the most watched Super Bowl in 2015 ringing in a peak of 120,000,000 viewers, the exposure outweighs the cost.

Now onto the actual ads. Obviously, with such a huge cost to get them seen, a lot is also invested in the entire production. This is when you’ll see, in my opinion, some of the best, with many celebrity guest stars.

Let’s start out positive with some of my favorite ones. This year’s Uber eats ad was clever, entertaining to watch, and actually got their point across. It featured comedians like Jennifer Coolidge and Trevor Noah, which only added to the entertainment factor. Basically, it was based on celebrities ordering different convenience items and attempting to eat it, since it is Uber EATS after all. With this play on words, they were able to advertise the fact that they don’t only deliver food, which the guest stars didn’t understand. This advertisement definitely kept me engaged, because it was hilarious to watch Gwyneth Paltrow trying to eat a candle!

Next, we have to touch on BMW’s commercial featuring Zeus himself (also known as Arnold Schwarzenegger). This was by far one of the most creative ways to introduce their new, all electric BMW. Instead of focusing on just that, they introduced Zeus, really highlighting his “electric” capabilities. He was seen shooting electricity out to different items, including light switches and golf carts. By the end, he’s rather frustrated, since he’s supposed to be retired in Palm Springs. However, when Salma Hayek surprises him with the new car, he is able to recharge, and drive away while singing “Electric Avenue.” This was not only entertaining to watch, but also an entertaining way to release a new electric car.

Lastly, it’s only natural for at least one of the advertisements to miss the mark. To me, that had to be Coinbase. Their ad was simply a QR code bouncing across the TV for 1 minute straight. Personally, I thought it was an error, and didn’t realize it was ad until half way through. The second half was spent trying to scan the code while it moved across the screen. They seemed to get the traffic they wanted, since it actually caused their app to crash due to so many visitors, as well as the amount of people that are still talking about it the next day.. However, I wonder how many of those visitors actually went through with the offer they were presenting? I was definitely disappointed considering there wasn’t much thought put into the ad itself. Once I finally realized what the QR code was, I just closed it due to the frustration it took me to get there, for it to just be an offer to sign up. What did you think of this advertisement? Was it different enough to be considered clever, or did it just show a lack of effort?


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