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Behind the Brand Awareness.

I am so excited about brand awareness advertising, in the current marketplace for small businesses. My kids have recognized logos like Apple & McDonalds since they were in diapers. They both want AirPods for some reason and my daughter is obsessed with “Mini Brands”. Yet, when new brands - with limited marketing budgets - begin their entrepreneurship journey, they begin with a conversion goal in mind. This is backwards! There are three goals with social media ads; brand awareness, consideration & conversion. As a small business, you should understand that the current market is beyond over saturated. CIL recommends that you heavily invest in brand awareness & worry less about sales and conversions. All creative should be designed with an advertising goal in mind, never simply hit the “boost” button & understand that organic reach is essentially dead. For businesses that are starting out, forget sales & aim for a brand image like this...

Good luck, we are here if you want help!


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