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Become the Advertising Synonym that Peloton is.

There are 3 main objectives when considering creative goals; awareness, consideration & conversion. Most ads may not actually result in a sale as 2/3 of the names reference. Facebook/Instagram have 11 sub-categories & multiple placements within these goals and only 3 fall within “conversion”, can you stomach the cost of advertising? Can you handle building a digital brand, where people will develop a subconscious ‘awareness’ for your brand? Are you willing to develop your brand as a synonym for your product, without making upfront sales? I have been casually researching Peloton, and I will begin seeing more of their ads all over my phone & email. They are on TV, pre-roll on YouTube on social media ads etc. However, when I consider an exercise bike option, they are synonymous with that term. That’s not cheap. They have been sued, they continue to sell for top dollar and spend, spend, spend on advertising. Currently, they are worth $1.35B.

There is not a better example of how it is done. Your brand and your product have an audience that is ready to grow, using lookalike audiences and awareness advertising. If your mindset towards advertisement revolves around an instant ROI, you are doing it wrong. Those chances are so low. You now must invest in paid brand awareness.


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