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Are you handing your leads to Millennials?

Are you handing your leads to millennials? In the field of digital marketing, I meet a lot of business owners. Something that comes up consistently is a frustration with social media and a general lack of understanding how to use it to convert real leads into real revenue. Some established business owners on Cape Cod are highly localized and have 30 years of experience in their trade, but can feel a collective, impending fear of the "millennials" that are coming into their market oftentimes with a better understanding of digital marketing and social media than they. Often, I get the sense that a lot of business owners feel it's unfair for a less qualified, younger professional to sell the same service or product as they do, for less overhead, by using social media marketing to touch an audience that more experienced business owners, for the most part, feel they can't touch.

My question to you is this: if you see social marketing working for millennials, why can't it work for you? Through social advertising, content design, web design, SEO and more, we take clients who once viewed these technologies as a thorn in their side and convert them into social media lovers who achieve wild success and increased lead generation. Sure, millennials have a better handle on social media and social marketing because it's the technological development of their era, but that doesn't exclude you from using the exact same tools and platforms to your advantage.

If you are willing to spend money on advertising in print or radio, why not allocate those same ad spend dollars to some social/digital advertising and compare the profitability of the two? The unfamiliar doesn't have to be scary and it doesn't have to be a setback. We have yet to work with one client who hasn't been converted into a full-time believer of all things digital marketing, once they see the results we achieve. Why let someone else capture your potential customers? Capture them yourselves. Let's get digital!


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