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Compass Athletics: Navigating a Positive Mindset by Contributing to Cape It Local's School-Suppl

Creating an idea for a school supply drive on July 18th and writing this article less than a month later is a humbling feeling. The drive has reached nearly 20,000 people, and that is simply incredible! For that, thank you! All of that said, this drive is far from over. The best part, so far, has been learning why our community leaders are so eager to partner with Cape It Local.

I asked Leigh Travers, Owner of Compass Athletics in Sandwich, why she was so passionate about this cause. Her response, “I believe, when possible, we need to take care of each other in our community. Life adds up! As minor as it may be for some people, school supplies for multiple children can cause a hardship for families. Let’s give these children an equal chance to start the year off right and a positive mindset!” She fully captures what this drive is all about. Children face enough challenges when they go to school, being teased or bullied about old backpacks or notebooks shouldn’t be one of them. The cost of living on the Cape can be overwhelming to all of us, and school supply shopping is a difficult task for many families.

I also asked, what impact do you hope this drive has on our community?

“To be generous and selfless. Get your children involved! Give them the opportunity to earn some money through chores. Explain paying it forward! Let them pick out the supplies and pay for them with their own hard-earned money. How amazing that would be! Sometimes, I believe we may underestimate how generous our children will be given the opportunity to see how life is lived outside our own four walls. Knowledge is power!”

This is such an inspirational answer!

I was so motivated talking to Leigh, I wanted to jump right into a workout! The energy and culture in that building is incredible. If you do not know about Compass Athletics, they are located @ 3 Jan Sebastian Dr. Sandwich, Massachusetts 02563. You can connect with them via Facebook here, Compass Athletics or call them @ 508-888-4800.

As an entrepreneur and marketer, I had to ask a few questions about how and why Compass Athletics began, so please take a few more minutes to read below. If you have made it this far, please support Leigh, Compass Athletics & Cape It Local by sharing this article on Facebook. Donating school supplies to one of our 10 locations will help children throughout our community. I end every post lately with our new slogan and try to live by these words... “Make a difference, Cape it Local”.

Why did you start Compass?

“Compass was originally founded by two of the most selfless people I know, Mike & Rhonda Pimentel. Compass was created to guide people to become their personal best. Whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually. We have and will always be more of a wellness center than your run of the mill gym. We have roots and culture. We love helping people in our community achieve their goals!”

What does it mean to be a small business owner on the Cape?

“It means we are lucky enough to wake up every morning to do what we love in a wonderful community! Thank you, Cape Cod!”

A very special thank you to Leigh for your incredible positivity and support with this cause! I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to have met you!

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