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Is Your Website A Tool?

Remarketing is a fairly easy process. The challenges and immediate rewards have come from creating the websites, marketing plans and followings that allow the process to take place. There are certain engagement minimums that must take place before remarketing can become effective & an organic hustle is usually required. They do not have the required analytics tools in place required for remarketing & can look concerned when we begin discussing the initial budget and timeframes required around big picture marketing. However, being a localized marketing company, in a small business market, we create custom content that engages their base. This allows them to save on initial ad spend during the engagement process. Once the remarketing audience is built, it grows so quickly their CPA or CPM is well worth the investment and opportunity cost. In a place like Cape Cod, there are certainly opportunities for remarketing to be extremely successful

Check Content Off Your To-Do List.

Content creation is the process of identifying who you are as a brand and building, designing, implementing video, image and copy that connects you to your online consumers, readers and followers. Often times, we are so consumed by the everyday stresses of running our businesses that content creation falls short on the “to-do” list, but content is what connects you to the customers you haven’t met yet and the customers you want to stay in front of. Many ask us how we can work, type, write in the voice of our clients, and our answer is always the same: we take the time to get to know our clients when we first take them on, learning their brand, their product, their voice, their strategy and this allows us to create content aligned with who they are as a person, a brand and align with what their goals are going forward.

Custom & Local Content

Why Videos?

Grow An Audience, Grow Your Business!

You've heard videos are the way to go & you need to be doing them for your marketing. Videos, for your small business, will generate powerful audiences. You need to capture the attention of your intended audience for at least 3 seconds. The longer your audience watches, the more focused your audience can become.  From a 3 second view you can create a powerful audience! Think of the videos you have watched for 3 seconds, you’re in some interesting audiences. For the pages & brands that Cape It Local manages we run videos in two ways. Primarily we will make sure they are setup in an auto play. This typically gets the most organic views, then we can analyze the data & expand our audiences for ads. Then you will be able to create "lookalike" audiences for each segment. Check out some of our video samples below & check out our blog for more on this topic.

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Adaptive, learning & continually growing!

Imagine, having value from every website visitor. The conversion rate (regardless of your marketing company/web designer/industry) is typically always extremely low. We are talking a blanket 3-5%, if that. Are you able to gain some sort of value from the 95-97% of users that visit your site? You are putting in the work to get them to your site, why not see the benefits? CIL will be able to show you how to create long-term growth for your business on any budget, with powerful & exclusive audiences for ads on social media. The types of ads radio and TV can’t touch. We have already said, from a 3 second view you can create a powerful audience! Now, let’s put it to work for your small business!