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"Cape It Local" School Supply Drive

“Cape It Local” was created to showcase pride in the local, small businesses around the Cape Cod community. These businesses, and their owners, have touched my life as I have gotten to know their selfless nature. Several years ago, I began to write articles about how they became business owners. I was simply blown away at how much these owners give back to the community they serve. I quickly learned that owning a small business on the Cape was not strictly for generating a profit and becoming a well-known business owner, however, it was an opportunity to be in a position to help others. I began to see this common trend among these community leaders, which ultimately led to the creation of “Cape It Local” in its current capacity.

In August of 2014 Cape it local was just a catchy # on “Instagram” with little or no meaning. As of today, it is merely a branch of a very small marketing company that was honestly the result of my MBA capstone requirement. I am probably NEVER going to become wealthy selling screen-print products to residents of the Cape, however, the brand itself will have a reputation of giving to a community that has given so much to my family. For this reason, “Cape It Local” exists.

Starting August 1, 2018 there will be several drop-off locations around the Cape, sponsored by Cape It Local, to gather school supplies for children in need. It is my hope that every child can walk into school with confidence and one less concern this year. In a world where social media memes, snaps, and social media posts bully children because of old backpacks, shoes, clothes, notebooks etc. we have the opportunity to reduce the viral immaturity in early September.

As of July 21: The Lanes (Mashpee), Sea Dog Brew Pub (Yarmouth), Scenic Roots Garden Center (Sandwich), Murphy’s on Main (Hyannis), Ice Cream Sandwich (Sandwich) & Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlourhave agreed to be drop-off location for school supplies (starting August 1) and Homestead Mortgage located in Centerville made a very generous donation to benefit the kids in the Barnstable School District.

The supplies donated to each drop-off location will benefit the children in that school district, with surplus supplies going to neighboring communities throughout the Cape. We will be partnering with well-known community centers for distribution to families in need. “Cape It Local” will be funding any advertising costs for promoting the project, as well as collecting and delivering the supplies to local community centers.

When you make a purchase from us and proudly wear something with the “Cape It Local” brand you are supporting a brand that is designed in Mashpee, printed in Yarmouth by Austin’s Sportswear, and sold to your neighbors here on the Cape. I will never send our products off Cape to be printed and will continue give back each quarter with a project similar to this one. Thank you for your support and making the Cape the best place to live for me and my family.

If you would like to get involved please contact Jeff Smith @ 508-737-3325


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