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Value, From Every Visitor!

Imagine, having value from every website visitor. The conversion rate( regardless of your marketing company/web designer/industry) is typically always extremely low. We are talking a blanket 3-5%, if that. Are you able to gain some sort of value from the 95-97% of users that visit your site? You are putting in the work to get them to your site, why not see the benefits? We know, overall that consumers are becoming less and less concerned with privacy and cookies. South Park joked about this in an episode dated April 27, 2011. Let that sink in. Consumers have been skipping over “Terms and Conditions”, that could say just about anything. If your content is enticing enough, you could be gathering data for audiences and future ads. Who cares if 97% don’t take an action on their first visit? Your site is built for remarketing, and with remarketing… you’re able to turn that 97% into 194% immediately, Right? Your consumers agreed to it already on the Facebook terms and conditions. It’s fine... #marketingcompany #audiences #remarketing #conversionrate #ads #content #website #facebook #consumers #capecod

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